Get iDocument And Organize Your Files [Ending Soon!]


IcyBlaze iDocument - The smart document management for Mac.

How well organized is your Documents folder? How about your Dropbox folder? Could you find that proposal you were working on? How about those images for the website you started for a client that was put on hold and it now a hot priority?

Right, exactly. Sure we have Spotlight (Or better Alfred) and we all try to keep things organized, but sometimes “life” gets in the way of keeping things together. This is where iDocument comes in.

From the folks who brought you Sparkbox comes iDocument, the app that will help you find those documents you’re looking for

The intuitive design of iDocument makes document organization as simple as using standard Mac programs like iTunes or iPhoto and now you can get it for ONLY $30!

Stop spending hours trying to find that document you saved 6 months ago…

If your desktop look anything like ours, you probably find yourself squinting at the screen to find that one document that you know is there…you just can’t remember where you saved it. Well, problem solved.

Top Features:

Drag and Drop

iDocuments centralizes your documents and condenses the 50 folders that clutter your Documents folder into one easy-to-access place so you’ll always know where to find your documents.

Easy Management Flow

After you have all the documents stored in your centralized library you can start viewing your documents in different ways.

  • A new layer concept: Collection is introduced to make a more clear structure. It is defined as the hyper level in the structure. With this extra layer, the weight of each layer becomes so obvious and finally gives you a very clean and tide library.
  • Browse all documents from the top level of a structure, you’ll never need to open levels of folders to locate your target documents.
  • If you already had your documents organized previously in the Finder, you’ll be able keep your previous folder structures right in iDocument by dragging and dropping your folders into the Collection section. Your previous folders are intact, organized, and searchable.

More Features of iDocument:

  • Auto detect new documents on your Mac
  • Wide range supported document formats
  • Easy drag & drop interface
  • Open-meta data tag system
  • In document content search
  • Batch editing processing
  • Smart if…then do actions
  • Documents highlight features
  • Document encrypting

iDocument is usually $50 but through Cult of Mac you can get it for only $30.. Grab it now before it’s gone.