Get Cast In The Steve Jobs Biopic With The Right Look Or Car


You, too, can work for minimum wage if you look like this. Or have a cool car.
You, too, can work for minimum wage if you look like this. Or have a cool car.

Rich King Casting is looking for people to work on a “movie in Silicon Valley / Palo Alto based on Steven Jobs.” The casting company is looking for folks with that quintessential seventies look, with “longish hair, sideburns etc.”

In addition, if you have a car that was around in 1965 to 1973, the’d be interested in checking them out as well. The Craigslist ad also promises “Pay when working and meals included,” which sounds like a fantastic deal to me.

So, if you’re a long-haired, retro-styled man or woman who can make it to Palo Alto or Silicon Valley, you just might have a chance to star in be seen in the background of what is most likely the Steve Jobs biopic that is slated to star Ashton Kutcher in the role as Apple co-founder. The film is also reported to star Josh Gad as Steve Wozniak, fellow garage geek co-founder, and Ahna O’Reilly as Jobs’s girlfriend during the period of time depicted in the movie. There will also be scenes in the famous garage itself where our present day was created.

Be sure to send your photos of yourself and your vintage late-60s, early-70s cars to the casting company; the details are in the ad online, including the fact that the compensation is set to minimum wage.

Source: Craigslist
Via: Forbes

  • Nutz321

    Dammit, I have the look, but I don’t live in that area.

  • technochick

    It’s Background Casting nothing more or less. They hit up Craigslist etc when they need something very unique. 

    You’ll make minimum wage for up to perhaps 12 hours a day (guaranteed pay for 8 hours even if you aren’t on set that whole time cause that’s Cali’s rules). If you bring your car you’ll get a car bump of perhaps $50 per day. You’ll get decent enough food at lunch but don’t expect a lot of treats because most sets either have suck craft services or they have great for the cast and union folks and a guard to keep the non union away from it and give them water because that’s a legal requirement and maybe some cheap trail mix. Especially indie productions like this one.