iOS Foundations Course Bundle [Deal Ending Soon]




You have an idea for the next great app. The app that will become essential for all iPhone (or iPad) owners. But there’s a problem, you don’t know how to make an app. No problem, you get some books, look at some tutorials, and then it hits you.

You still need to learn C and Objective C to be able to actually code the app.

This is where today’s deal comes in. Unlike many “learn to make and iOS app” courses that skip the foundation of C and Objective C. This course doesn’t. This is a true Foundations for iOS Development Course.

At 60% off, this course is a great deal. You’ll build a solid foundation for building great iOS apps and from there…well the sky’s the limit isn’t it?

Here is just some of the things included in the course:

Two Video Courses For the Price of One!

After getting feedback from our customers, we found that the most EFFECTIVE way for a beginner to learn how to build iOS apps is to offer a combo of 2 courses: C Programming: iOS Development Starts Here! and the Objective C for Beginners.

And, we’re including both courses for the price of one – just $79!

If you’ve been frustrated by iOS courses in the past because you didn’t have the prerequisite knowledge, don’t worry about it because Mark Lassoff will teach you the ‘A to Z’ of C programming; and from there you’ll have the foundation to take off with his Objective C course which will get your brain dancing.

With a nearly combined 8 hours of material, dynamic video instruction, comprehensive lab exercises and dozens of fully functional code examples, these courses will give you the foundation you need to get started.

What You’ll Learn – C Programming Course:

  • How to use Apples XCode Development Environment
  • The structure of a C program
  • How to use variables to hold values
  • Important programming structures like loops, conditionals and arrays
  • How to manage pointers and understand computer memory
  • How to dereference pointer values and pass information by reference
  • How to create C-style character arrays
  • How to create and manage C-functions

What You’ll Learn – Objective C Course:

  • Extensive, informative, and interesting video lecture
  • Complete code demonstrated in lecture
  • Lab exercises
  • Lab solutions
  • Instructor support for questions and clarifications
  • Coverage of all important HTML and CSS concepts

Usually these courses together would be almost $200, but Cult of Mac has them for only $79—iOS Foundations Course Bundle – Cult of Mac Deals!

  • Keith Joshua Gonzalez

    There’s no need to pay anyone to teach you how to code or create iOS apps. Go to iTunes U, search for Stanford and take the following 3 classes on your own time (free): Programming Methadology, Programming Abstractions and iPad and iPhone App Development. You should take them in that order as each one is a prerequisite to the other at the University, and they will help you fully understand the material. This is for anyone who has basically no idea about programming. It will teach you the basic ideas about programming that you will need in order to create a successful app. Learning everything there is about a single language (C or Objective-C) will not teach you how to create an app. If you already understand object-oriented programming, or a language or two, then head straight to the final class which teaches you how to use Objective-C to create iOS apps.