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How Siri Really Handles Samuel L. Jackson’s Requests


No one smiles while using Siri in real life.
No one smiles while using Siri in real life.

When Apple began roping in celebrities to promote Siri in its latest iPhone 4S adds, Samuel L. Jackson was one of the first to star alongside the voice-controlled assistant. In the 30-second clip, entitled “Date Night,” he asks Siri to cancel golf, find organic mushrooms, convert volume units, and set a reminder.

Siri does as Jackson asks so quickly that he hardly has chance to finish his sentence. But how would she cope with his requests away from the cameras? The answer is: not very well at all.

Paul Kafasis decided to see just how accurate Apple’s portray of Siri is in that commercial, and he details his finding on his blog, entitled One Foot Tsunami.

You’ve likely seen the Apple ad featuring Samuel L. Jackson using Siri. If you’ve used Siri yourself, however, you know the disclaimer of “Sequences shortened” is more than an understatement. They’ve edited out the inevitable “No.…NO.…NO!” as well as significant quantities of exasperated sighs. After hearing Jackson say the word “hotspacho” for the umpteenth time, I decided to run a little test.

Kafasis gave Siri exactly the same request as Jackson did: “Remind me in an hour to put the gazpacho on ice.” Here’s what Siri heard:

  • Put the spot show on ice
  • Put the spots on Icenhour
  • Put tickets botulinum

Realizing that maybe it was his voice — and not Siri — that was the problem, Kafasis decided to attempt the same request using the audio from Apple’s own commercial. What he found was that Siri has an even harder time understand Jackson’s voice. Her responses:

  • Just Bacchio
  • This Bogil
  • This Poncho

For anyone who’s used Siri in the real world, this results are hardly surprising. While there’s no denying it’s an incredible piece of tech that’s likely to become a big part of Apple’s future devices, right now — while it’s still in beta — it still needs lots of work.

Source: One Foot Tsunami

Via: Reddit

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