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Retro IPhone Camera Case Adds Handgrip, Shutter Release, Style



This retro-tastic camera case is good enough to use all day

Another day, another neat, camera-like iPhone case. But I promise you that this one is different. First, it manages to be highly functional without doing very much at all. Secondly, it’s actually a case you will want to keep on your iPhone and carry around with you all day.

It’s called the Bitplay SNAP!, but don’t let that put you off. The case is a retro-styled camera case for the iPhone, and it has three useful features. First is that big old grip, which makes it look a lot like Ricoh’s hi-end compact cameras and also makes it very easy to hold. On top of that is a shutter button which will click down the iPhone’s volume button to take a shot.

Those two features alone would be enough to get my $50, but there is also a tripod socket underneath. You probably won’t use this that often, but as it’s a feature that actually saves weight, it’s certainly worth having.

Other than this, it does little, although I guess having your iPhone disguised as an old crappy plastic camera helps with security when on vacation in pickpocket-riddled cities like mine. The Bitplay SNAP! is available now.

Source: Dynamism