SlateSHIELD, A Clipboard-Like Case For iPad Photographers



It sure is ugly, but the SlateSHIELD makes up for it by being so useful

It looks like somebody finally answered my prayers for an iPad 3 case which would let me take photos without dropping the thing or looking like a complete dork. Instead, I can look like I’m some kind of clipboard-wielding
corporate drone taking a photo with an iPad.

The case is called the SlateSHIELD (I think you’re supposed to shout the last part whilst punching the air with your free hand) and it has a rotating handle on the back, as well as a flip-out kickstand. And crucially, it isn;t huge and fat.

The iPad slides in through the top end of the ABS case and is secured by a little tab. A flip-out kickstand will hold it in horizontal and vertical positions, as well as typing position, and the wraparound front part offers some degree of protection. But its the handle which I like the most: It’s a loop into which you slide your hand, and it is on a 360˚ pivoting turntable so you can hold it at whichever angle you like.

The only problem I can see is that the iPad’s screen is not protected if you sling it onto a bag, but that could be fixed with a screen protector, a padded sleeve, or taking an X-Acto knife to the case and cutting off the edge so you can use a smart cover (don’t laugh — I have done this to review units before).

From the publicity and PR material, though, it seems as though you’re supposed to be using it in a safe, corporate environment — just like a clipboard.

The SlateSHIELD (shout it!) will cost you $55.

Source: SlateSHIELD

Thanks: Xenia!