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Smart Fujifilm Adapter Mounts Leica Lenses On X-Pro Bodies



This little slip of a thing will put the world's best lenses on your Fujifilm X-Pro 1

Apologies in advance for yet another camera adapter post, but this one — as you’ll see — is a biggie: The Fujifilm M-Mount adapter. But first, a short bit of history.

M mount with X Pro1 body

When Fujifilm launched its X-Pro 1, if was obvious to many that this camera was the real modern successor to the Leica M-series. The digital Leicas are lovely cameras and all, but seem to be deliberately stuck in the past. The X-series, on the other hand, brings all that is good from the Leicas — manual control dials, a bright optical viewfinder — plus a hybrid viewfinder for full-digital or overlaid shooting info and a low (compared to Leica) price

The new M-Mount adapter completes the takeover, letting you use Leica’s frankly stunning lenses on the X-Pro. And it doesn’t just make a mechanical link either. Electronic contacts tell the camera that the adapter is in place and set it to the "Shoot Without Lens" mode automatically. You can also hit a button on the side to bring up a lens setting menu on the camera.

An upcoming (June) firmware update for the camera allows it to store info for up to six lenses. This not only makes the metadata for your photos correct, it also lets you store per-lens settings to correct for distortion, color and vignetting in-camera. And if that wasn’t neat enough, the camera also displays the correct framing for each lens in the optical viewfinder with automatic bright lines based on the lens’s focal length.

The adapter will be available in June for $200.

Source: Fujifilm

Via: DP Review