Cuckoo Smart Watch Is Smarter Than Most [Kickstarter]



Cuckoo works with your iPhone and lasts for a year on a single button cell

The Pebble watch is pretty neat and all ($10 million can’t all be totally wrong), but even with e-ink and low-powered Bluetooth it still needs charging way more than a regular watch. It’s also rather plasticky and dorky-looking.

The Cuckoo might not be able to fix the second part, looking as it does like a rather dull take on a Swatch, but it can certainly fix the first.

The Cuckoo, named after the designer’s mother’s Cuckoo clock, is a regular waterproof analog watch with a few neat modern twists (and a stupid cuckoo logo). It connects to your iPhone using low-powered Bluetooth 4, which allows it to last for a year on a coin-cell, much like a real watch.

The iPhone app allows you to configure various notifications (email, alarms, incoming calls, low phone battery, incoming chat or text message) as well as listen for you pressing the single button on the watch. This can be used for various things, including triggering the shutter on the phone, which is a super-cool feature if you ask me.

These status messages are displayed as simple symbols on the clock face, easy to glance at or ignore.

If it wasn’t for the design, I’d be all over this watch, which makes even more sense with an iPad (I don’t have an iPhone) which is always sat in your bag. If you’re interested, a $100 pitch on Kickstarter will (hopefully) score you one if it ships.

Source: Kickstarter