Want A Carbon Fiber Black Or iPod White MacBook Air? Give It An iGlaze


Apple's ditched iPod white and piano black from their Mac line, but luckily, there's the iGlaze.
Apple's ditched iPod white and piano black from their Mac line, but luckily, there's the iGlaze.

Ever wish your MacBook Air came in carbon fiber black? Or maybe you just miss the classic old iPod white Apple used to ship its MacBooks in, and wish your Air was as clean and ivory?

Moshi’s got you covered. They’ve just announced the iGlaze, an ultra-slim case for your MacBook Air that adds maximal protection, minimum thickness and lets you have your Air in any color, as long as it’s black or white.

It’s too early for a review yet, but Moshi sent me a unit to play with, and my initial impressions are positive. The iGlaze fits any 11-inch or 13-inch MacBook Air from late 2010 on, and it really does add almost no thickness to the Air, an important consideration in a model of notebook as svelte as Apple’s little samurai blade of an ultrabook. It easily snaps on and once it is on, it stays on with no fuss, instantly making your MacBook Air stand out from the crowd. About the worst thing I can say about it so far is it picks up finger prints, but then again, so did the black MacBook, so consider it authentic.

If you want a little protection for your MacBook Air, the Moshi iGlaze will help you keep it clear from scratches and dirt. The 11-inch cover costs $55, while the 13-inch cover costs $60, in either black, white or totally transparent. Look for our review later this week.

Source: Moshi

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    These iGlaze covers aren’t the cheapest but they’re so much better than the comparable covers for the MacBook Air. We’ve started started selling them at iCollection, and I’ve raided the stock room – but can’t decide whether I lik the black, white or translucent best. The translucent is nice because you hardly notice it’s there, but the black and the white ones look fabulous when the Apple logo is shining through!