Drafts For iOS Updated With Facebook & Evernote Posting



Check your App store updates people because Drafts was just updated to version 1.2 and includes new actions to post to Facebook, Evernote, create a calendar item, and add to OmniFocus.

Here’s the complete change log from the iTunes page:

What’s New in v1.2

  • [NEW] Post to Facebook action.
  • [NEW] “Send to Evernote” action. Works very much like the existing “Send to Dropbox” – just puts the draft in your default notebook with a timestamp.
  • [NEW] “Event” action. To create iOS calendar event based on drafts.
  • [NEW] “New Draft After Success” setting on each action. When enabled for an action, a new draft will be auto-created as soon as the action is completed successfully. Great for tweet, email type actions where once you send it you are pretty much always done with it.
  • [NEW] “Confirm Before Running” setting on each action. When enabled for an action, tapping on the action in the action list will display “OK/Cancel” buttons on the action before execution. This is designed to address concerns that certain “dangerous” publishing actions (like Tweeting) should require confirmation to prevent accidental use.
  • [NEW] “Add to The Hit List” action.
  • [NEW] “Send to Due” action.
  • [NEW] “Add to OmniFocus as Note” action. Well, you don’t always want it to be the title now do you.
  • [FIX] Interface issues when “Touch to return to call” status visible.
  • [FIX] Issue deleting the last remaining draft.
  • [CHANGE] Make highlight on character counts over 140 more subtile. Not everybody’s tweeting, after all.
  • [CHANGE] Change initial configuration of app actions on first launch to be based on what is currently installed on the device. Too many people were not finding actions for apps they have installed because they were hidden by default.

While “yet another to do, list making, remember your thoughts” app seems like overkill, the creators of Drafts have packed a lot of punch into their $0.99 app. You can use Markdown to format your notes and send formatted text to your email (including Sparrow!). You can sync your notes with Dropbox and Evernote to have your reminders and notes ready for you at your Mac. Essentially it’s a quick-writing, automatically saving, no frills and just works app that will find a place on your home screen pretty quickly.

Via: iTunes