Itching To Buy A Pebble Watch? The Meta Watch Is Already Here


Pebble? Pah!

You know the Pebble, that iPhone-compatible wristwatch which raised ten million dollars on Kickstarter? Turns out somebody else made one already. It’s called The Meta Watch, and has been available for Android for more than half a year.

Of course, being an Android accessory means that nobody has heard of it. That’s about to change, though, as a new Bluetooth 4 update means it will also work with the iPhone and new iPad.

The biggest difference between the Pebble and the Meta Watch is that the former uses an e-ink display and the latter a 96 x 96 LCD. But given that wristwatches have used LCD since, like, forever, this seems like a smart choice.

Interestingly, the Meta Watch isn’t so much of a product as a platform — it is meant to be sold to other companies who will create the applications using an SDK, and then sell the watch on to you.

The watch has an accelerometer, six buttons, a vibrator and a light sensor, and the case is made from stainless steel and scratch-resistant mineral glass. It costs $199.

In theory, the Meta Watch can do anything that the Pebble can do, with the addition of also working with Android. It also has the advantage of being a real, shipping product which can be bought today (for Android at least — the iPhone version will be out later this month), whereas the Kickstarter only released the money to the Pebble’s developers three days ago.

Source: Meta Watch
Via: The Giz