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Audiophile Wireless Receiver For AirPlay [Kickstarter]



Pssst! You there, the one just about to buy that Airport Express for your AirPlay setup. Don’t waste your $99 on that plastic wall-wart. Come over here and I’ll sell you this nice white plastic AirPlay brick instead. How much? Well, seeing as it’s you, just $199, although it normally goes for $275.

Oh, by the way. It’s called the playGo AP1. You’re welcome.

The AP1 isn’t just an overpriced Airport Express that doesn’t even work as a router. It is in fact a proper hi-fi wireless receiver which has its own high-end DAC (digital analog converter) inside, for better audio quality when you hook it up to a decent stereo.

To use it, you just plug it into your iPhone from where it will slurp up your home network’s name and password, and then you’re done. Access the AP1 through the standard AirPlay pop-up whenever you like. It also supports DLNA for using non-Apple devices, should you be slumming it.

You can also stream via Ethernet, or hook up an iPhone via USB to make use of the DAC direct.

As someone who uses a JamBox to listen to his music, this is probably lost on me, but as high-end audio kit goes, $200, or even $275 isn’t bad. You can pledge over on Kickstarter now.

Source: Kickstarter
Thanks: Samantha