Good News! Your New iPad Will Survive The Next Ice Age [Video]



One thing that frequently keeps me awake at night is the worry that my digital devices won’t survive the next ice age. But the guys over at ZooGue have proven that Apple’s latest iPad can be frozen deep within a block of ice without losing any of its functionality. Just be sure you wrap a sandwich bag around it first.

There’s nothing scientific behind this test; it’s a simple “will it freeze?” experiment in a bid to promote ZooGue’s iPhone and iPad cases. But it does tell us one thing: the new iPad will operate below 32° Fahrenheit, despite what Apple’s specifications say. What’s most impressive is that the device’s sleep/wake magnets still work through that thick ice.

Having said that, we certainly do not recommend that your freeze your own iPad — sandwich bag or no sandwich bag — because results may vary. And if you ignore this device and do it anyway, wait for yours to defrost; don’t climb up a large ladder and throw it on the floor.

You may already be familiar with the guys from ZooGue, who have also been known to drop the iPad in molten lava. They’re currently giving away free iPhone 4S cases — all you have to do is cover the $3.99 shipping.

Source: YouTube

Via: ZooGue

  • joewaylo

    I have trouble believing the video is real. Plus this is in a controlled environment. Most LCD screens or even this screen would hardly function well when left in your car at 30F temperature or even 15F temperature when I left my TomTom or my Verizon flip phone in the car a decade ago. The latency would be around 2 seconds in response or higher as the screen is trying to function at very cold temperatures.