Arctic Flight Is The Ideal Flight Companion For Your iPad [Kickstarter]


The Arctic Flight makes it easy to use your iPad on a plane in a cramped couch seat.
The Arctic Flight makes it easy to use your iPad on a plane in a cramped couch seat.

Using your iPad on a plane or a train can be a frustrating experience, especially if you’re attempting to use a wireless keyboard at the same time. But the Arctic Flight is a new Kickstarter project that hopes to change that. It’s a lightweight case and stand that’s fully adjustable and designed specifically for use in flight.

It fits perfectly onto those tiny pull-down trays, and it has one novel feature than means you’ll never have to hold onto your iPad through a whole movie again.

Whether you’re typing on your iPad or using a wireless Bluetooth keyboard, watching a movie or reading a book, the Arctic Flight has got you covered. With your iPad inside, the Arctic Flight looks a lot like an adjustable monitor, allowing you to tilt your device for that perfect viewing angle. It also rotates so that you can quickly switch between portrait and landscape orientations.

But the device’s most impressive feature appears when you close up the flight tray with the base of the Arctic Flight nestled inside, turning it into an adjustable stand that’s perfect for watching movies. My description doesn’t really do it justice, so check out the video below to see the Arctic Flight in action:

Like all Kickstarter projects, Arctic Flight is only a concept for now, and it needs you backing to become a reality. You can pledge $75 to pre-order one Arctic Flight for the iPad 2, or $80 to pre-order an Arctic Flight for the new iPad.

Source: Kickstarter