Solve Cord Chaos With The W1PPS For Your MacBook Pro


w1pps disconnected

Tired of connecting and disconnecting a ton of cords and peripherals to and from your MacBook Pro? Product developer Veritas Forge certainly was, but unlike me (or you, most likely), these guys actually went ahead and invented something to solve their issues.

Personally, I use a MacBook Air, but the process is the same. I get to work, unpack the laptop, set it up on it’s little stand, and then plug in the power cord (after I’ve plugged that into the power strip under my desk). Then, I plug in the USB hub, which has my mouse attached to it. Then comes the display port, which connects via dongle to the large monitor I use at work. Then I plug in my iPad sync cable to get things charging. It’s a pain, especially when I want to unplug it all to work with a client in a different room. At the end of each day, it’s the same story. Too many cords.

Hence the oddly named W1PPS connector. Of course, they’re using Kickstarter to find funding, looking for $115,000 to produce this neat looking piece of kit that coordinates all those unruly cords into one mini-hub that plugs directly into the side of a Macbook Pro. They’re concentrating on the 15 inch model with the mini display port to start, but may move on to Thunderbolt displays if things go well for this first production run.

You can find out more about the W1PPS on the project Kickstarter page. $100 backers get the W1PPS hub for a 15-inch Macbook Pro, but even $10 backers get something: a video of OJ, the dude in the promotional video, singing a song just for you.

Via Reddit

  • Donnie Kraft

    Shut up and take my money!

    Wait…no 13 inch? :(
  • drblank

    Uh Oh.  A port replicator.

  • mr_bee

    This doesn’t make much sense at all.  It’s just a poorly designed hub and ugly to boot. 

    While the Display port ending makes little sense, a Thunderbolt one makes even less.  If you have a monitor with a thunderbolt port, then you have an Apple Thunderbolt monitor and you have a much better hub built in.  There is nothing out there for this to plug into that makes any sense at all.  
  • davester13

    Unfortunately, there’s one plug that they can’t include…the power plug…Apple refuses to license it’s use to others…they even forced a company that BOUGHT Apple power supplies, then cut off the plug and repurposed it to connect to another power support to stop doing that.

  • Felix96

    What on the other end? We need to know that for it not just a white that takes up all your ports

  • Felix96

    What on the other end? We need to know that for it not just a white that takes up all your ports

  • Daj


  • al friede

    IF they made it out of aluminum, then MAYBE….but even then, it’s just not pretty!

  • Luis Tamayo

    I prefer my Hendge Dock. looks better, solves the same problem. Of course you still need to buy a power supply, but that’s OK.