Keynote For Startups [Deals]



You know Keynote was made especially for Steve Jobs because all other presentation tools, well, sucked? Right. So wouldn’t you like to know all the secrets of Keynote so you can make Jobs-worthy Keynote presentations (actually I would too)? This is where Keynote for Startups comes in. Think of it more like “learn how to make amazing Keynote presentations and demos that will blow peoples’ minds”. Learn the art (and science) of clickable prototypes, mockups, video demos for only $19!

This video lesson package has 11 videos and over an hour of content taught by a guy who got $25 million from Facebook for his startup (I’m guessing he used Keynote, so you know…). Keynote is one of those apps that I think only a few people really tap into all the coolness of. I’ve known a few folks who really make Keynote rock and I’ve always been envious of their ability to make my hum-drum slides just—pop.

I’m betting that they used these tips and tricks you’ll learn in this deal package.

For $19 I don’t think you can lose. Really. Learn Keynote. Wow people. Blow minds.


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