This Week’s Must-Have iOS Apps: StillShot, Inkflow, AnyList & More [Roundup]


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  • Floris

    Flipboard is the best choice in that list. What a wonderful app and their recent update gave it a major push feature wise.

  • jasonology

    Inkflow— looks good but I can’t find this selection tool they mention anywhere. Is it only in the In-App Purchase?

  • maasmeier is the best social iOS reading experience

  • infoapp45

    Check out the Advice for Life App. A ton of great experts in parenting, health and relationships and other topics. Cool daily to-do calendar for daily advice! Nice to see such a useful App!

  • BiancaMol

    I LOVE Flipboard. it’s a really great app.

    wanted to try Inkflow, but I need a stylus first.. =(