Apple Offers £100 Trade-In Discount On New Macs Ahead Of June Refresh


Is Apple's latest 'Think Green' campaign an effort to shift existing Macs before the new ones roll in?
Is Apple's latest 'Think Green' campaign an effort to shift existing Macs before the new ones roll in?

Apple has given its Premium Reseller across the United Kingdom authorization to discount £100 (approx. $160) off all Macs when customers trade-in their old machines. The Think Green scheme will run until June 17, and some believe it could signal Apple’s effort to shift existing stock before its next-generation MacBook Pros make their debut.

Recent rumors have claimed that Apple’s MacBook Pro refresh, which will be the first to introduce Retina displays to its Macs, will be unveiled at this year’s Worldwide Developers Conference on June 11 — possibly alongside new iMacs. The machines could then begin shipping the week beginning June 18 — the day after the trade-in scheme expires in the U.K.

The offer applies to new iMacs, Mac Pros, MacBook Pros, and MacBook Airs — but not the Mac mini — when customers trade-in their old machines against a new purchase. The old computer doesn’t have to be a Mac and it doesn’t even have to be working. However, the deal does not apply to business or education customers.

It’s also worth noting that Apple has traditionally knocked extra cash off its machines if they are purchased within a month of a new refresh.

Although, this is something you usually have to contact Apple for; it doesn’t just offer the discount automatically.

Not all Premium Resellers are supporting the deal, but many AT Computers and Stormfront stores are, according to Macworld. It’s best to check with your local Reseller before you head down their with your old Dell desktop in tow.

Source: Macworld

  • Balázs Cserg?

    really? 100  £ equals 60$? You’d think it’s the other way round :)

    btw we have this trade-in deal here in Hungary, 30.000 Huf for any PC or Mac (about 130$)
  • Skywaytraffic

    lmao $60? You can sell a broken ass 6 year old macbook for like 5 times that. Easy.


    People are stupid.

  • SaintMacintosh

    Try about $160 You did your conversion backwards. There is a widget on OS X that can confirm.

  • aardman

    Will they accept a broken down 25 year old Mac or Apple II?  Seems to me that’s the only way a $160 trade in makes sense.