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TaskBadges Adds Counter To Icon Of Plain-Text ToDo Lists



Nice and simple, just like plain text files

Are you a fan of plain-text files? Are you nerdy enough to stuff your todo lists into a todo.txt file? What if I told you that you could bring a lick of modernity to the your old-fashioned, candlelit ways? It’s called TaskBadges, and it adds a numbered badge to any plain-text list telling you how many uncompleted tasks are left inside.

TaskBadges works with three kinds of plain text lists: those using square brackets, anything in a todo.txt file, and lists made in TaskPaper (which stores its lists in plain text). If you don;t use any of these list styles, you’re out of luck.

Any remaining tasks label the icon (even in the Finder’s list view) with a red badge and a number. And that’s it. I can see this as being super useful if you keep your todo list in the Dock.

What’s more, TaskBadges is free, so there’s no reason not to give it a try. Available now in the Mac App Store.

Source: [App Store][https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/taskbadges/id454948164?mt=12]
Via: [Lifehacker][https://lifehacker.com/5910836/taskbadges-adds-the-number-of-uncompleted-tasks-to-the-icon-of-any-text+based-to+do-list-for-easy-reference]