Waterproof Your iPhone With This Amazing Japanese ‘Condom’



Forget nano-coatings that render the individual components oin your iPhone waterproof. And forget bulky underwater cases that make your svelte phone look like something Nokia put out ten years ago. What you need for total iPhone protection is this amazing Japanese condom.

It’s called the Case Marine, and is a skintight drysuit for the iPhone 4/S. The stretchy skin is made from coated polyurethane, and the screen cover is acrylic. And as our friend Andrew Liszewski over at Gizmodo points out, it’s thin enough to be used with another case on top: 0.25mm — or 0.0008 feet — thick.

Even though it just stretches over the phone, it apparently stays truly waterproof down to ten meters, or 394 inches. That’s easily enough to protect it from the rigors of the beach, or a quick (hopefully accidental) dunk in the toilet.

And soon, an iPad case will follow.

The Gooma Case will cost ¥3,000 ($37).

Source: Diginfo
Via: The Giz

  • Jdsonice

    Very cool. Please publish a link to the product where we can purchase it. 

  • InternDom


  • dcj001

    What if the phones used in the demo have been treated with Liquipel that makes the phones waterproof. Then the condom demo makes the phones look as though they are being protected by the condoms, when they are not good at all?

  • Flyphoenix

    That’s cool that it’s so thin that you can fit a case on it.

  • Flyphoenix

    That’s cool that it’s so thin that you can fit a case on it.

  • JohnIl

    Impressive looking case in that water tank.  Personally for me I’ve used a simple case for my iPad called the iLoc.  It does it’s job protecting my iPad and at only $2 it does what I need it to.  I got mine at http://www.ilocstore.com