Sybase/SAP Afaria Offers iOS And PC Management Options [Mobile Management Month]


Sybase Afaria offer comprehensive mobile and desktop management
Sybase Afaria offer comprehensive mobile and desktop management

May is Mobile Management Month at Cult of Mac, where we will be profiling a different mobile management company every weekday. You can find all previous entries here  and read our Mobile Management manifesto here.

Sybase, and SAP company provides a range of enterprise IT solutions. Afaria, Syabase’s mobile management platform, is a comprehensive solution that ties in with other Sybase and SAP enterprise products (most notably its desktop PC management offerings). Overall, the platform is a great resource for existing SAP and Sybase customers.

Company: Sybase/SAP
Product(s): Afaria
Type of solution(s): device and app management

Platforms supported beyond iOS: Android, BlackBerry, Symbian, webOS, Windows Mobile (plus Windows and Linux workstations)

Licensing Model: perpetual and recurring licensing options
Includes/Offers Maintenance Updates?: Optional
Technical support options: 24/7

Deployment options: cloud service, on-premise software, on-premise appliance

Failover and load balancing options: supports server failover and load balancing

Scalability: supports multiple locations and location-specific administration

Directory system integration: Microsoft Active Directory, Apple Open Directory, LDAP

Administrative tool options: web/cloud

Data export capabilities: device hardware, installed configuration profiles, location and usage tracking, installed apps

Expense management features: track current carrier, alert on roaming, bandwidth optimization/throttling

Device enrollment mechanism(s): website, iOS app
Support for secure/authenticated enrollment?: Yes
Security certificate features: Certificates for Exchange, Wi-Fi, VPN

Remote/On Demand administrative actions: remove passcode, lock, wipe, push text message

App management options: push apps to device, enterprise app store with custom and public apps, Apple Volume Purchase Plan integration, app whitelist/blacklist options, admin alert on unapproved apps