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Plantronics BackBeat Go, Th Cordless Earbuds… With A Cord



Only in the world of technology could a company get away with calling these earbuds “wireless.” The product is called the BackBeat Go, and the company is Plantronics, and to anybody with more than zero eyes, it’s clear that they are connected by a wire.

Not so, according to the product blurb: “No wires, no hassle, no compromise,” it says. To which we might add “no brains.” Even better, just a few lines later you can read this sentence: “Inline controls let you pause music to take a call, change volume, or skip tracks.”

That would be inline with what, exactly, Plantronics? I thought you said that there were no wires?

Still, once we get over the huge elephant in Plantronics living room, these look like a nice pair of Bluetooth earbuds. They sit deep in your canals to isolate outside noise, have inline controls as noted above and will show up in your iPhone or iPad’s status bar with a battery meter (Android users will need to download an app for that. Suckers).

The downside of this tiny 13-gram package is woefully short battery life. Listening time is just four hours, and talk time, which you’d think would be shorter than listening time, is 4.5 hours. Charging is done via micro USB.

How much are these “cordless” headphones? $99.

Source: Plantronics