See-Through Digital Photo Frame Cost More Than Your iPad



The Parrot DIA (pronounced like the Spanish for “day”) is a weird little gadget that also manages to be very cool indeed. Its main purpose is as a digital photo frame, but even there it fails to be dull — the screen is actually transparent, so it displays your photos like old-school film slides.

But there’s a lot more. Photos can be gotten into the frame by plugging in an SD card or hooking up a USB drive, but that’s no fun. Instead, you can use an iOS app and flick the photos from your iPad’s screen over to the DIA, where they arrive thanks to the magic of Wi-Fi. You can also mail photos direct, and slurp them in from various web sources.

What’s more, the DIA can also run its own apps. One of these is called “Mover,” and is the one that works with the iPhone as mentioned above. Another is called “Holidays” and leads you through a Google-maps tour based on the geotags in your photos.

Finally, “Cabinet of Curiosities” pulls in a constant stream of illustrations of weird objects form the past.

What’s the catch? The price. The DIA will cost the same as your $500 iPad, which itself can be used as a great digital photo frame, or up to £666 ($1,060) if you buy from Amazon in the UK.

Source: Parrot
Via: PetaPixel