Who Is Lying About the Google Voice App, Apple or Google?


Apple iPhone
Apple's Phil Schiller is in the spotlight over controversy surrounding the rejection of Google's Voice app for the iPhone.

Google says categorically that Apple has rejected its Voice app for the iPhone. Apple denies this, saying several times that the app is still under consideration. Apple has said this in official documents submitted to a government inquiry by the FCC, and most recently today in a statement to the press.

Someone is lying. Who is it?

Well, the test is quite simple:

Is the Google Voice app available in the App Store or not?

It is not, and until it is, it’s pretty clear that Apple is lying.

This is pretty despicable behavior for the company and a big black eye personally for Phil Schiller, who’s reputation is on the line here. Schiller needs to come out and tell the truth, or his reputation will suffer. This is his Colin Powell moment.

Come on Phil, tell us the truth.

Thanks to reader Steven for first pointing this out.