How A Mac Loving Mom Saved Pixar’s Toy Story 2 From Being Lost Forever [Video]



We all know that Pixar, the revolutionary computer animation house Steve Jobs helped build in his wilderness years, makes the Toy Story films at least in part on Macs, alongside other Unix-based machines.

Back when Toy Story 2 was being made in the late 90s, though, the Unix-based nature of the machines Pixar uses for their animation almost led to the complete destruction of the film when an employee accidentally used the “rm *” command on the machine the film was being stored on. In seconds, all of Toy Story 2 was lost: a year’s work of other thirty people.

Not to worry though. A Mac-loving mom she had at home saved the day, and made sure that Toy Story 2 reached theaters on time to delight a generation of kids and adults alike.

Here’s Pixar’s Oren Jacobs and Galyn Susman recounting how Toy Story 2 was saved from being lost forever:

The machine raced from home was apparently an SGI Workstation — thanks for that piece of info, Matt! — but the owner of that workstation was Galyn Susman, a Mac-loving Mom who came to Pixar after animating award winning films not only using a Mac, but featuring a pencil tool escaping from the Macintosh interface, then attempting to get back onto the screen.

Awesome, huh? Mac users are always prepared.

Update: This post originally said the machine in question was a Mac. Even though Susman herself is a Mac nut, this was in error, and the machine was actually an SGI Workstation. Thanks to Matt Panzarino on Twitter for the timely correction.

Source: YouTube
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Thanks: Matt P.

  • Jonathan Ober

    Thank you Galyn for saving a very important part of my childhood. I am 30 years old and I can say that when Toy Story 1 & 2 first came out they were two movies that got me excited and interested in graphic and web design telling a story in electronic media. I loved them. And I cried in Toy Story 3 several times…still do in fact even after seeing it a dozen times.

  • Forest Walker

    Jesus Christ, hire an editor for Brownlee.

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  • Justin Roy Tippins

    Jesus Christ, hire an editor for Brownlee.

    I’ve noticed a few posts that needed the touch of an editor

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    Did you drunk text this post?

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    Why do they need to make the audio dialogue so hard to understand?

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    Writing is revision.

    This site really has the worst writers.

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    Not really.  Pixar decided to re-write the entire movie anyway, so in the end it was a total waste of time.

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    You could at least link to the Quora question with all the information about this…

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