New iPad Growth Slows While Apple Dominates Mobile Ad Market


According to Velti, new iPad growth is slow compared to the iPad 2
According to Velti, new iPad growth is slow compared to the iPad 2

Mobile marketing and advertising firm Velti recently released its April Data report, which includes several interesting and surprising details including AT&T’s lead as U.S. iPhone provider.  The most surprising piece of information in the report, however, is that adoption rates for the new iPad appear to have peaked and slowed.

Velti’s report, which is based on mobile device ad impressions, shows the new iPad’s growth into the mobile market slowed after an initial surge. Currently, the new iPad represents 8% of mobile ad impressions. Last year, at the same point in its release cycle, the iPad 2 had already captured 13% of the market.

Velti notes that this slower growth could be due to competition from other platforms including the Kindle Fire and Galaxy Tab as well as competition from other iPad models.

Apple’s option of a cheaper iPad 2 is one game changer between last year’s iPad 2 release and this year’s new iPad launch. Another is the fact that outside of the retina display, the new iPad doesn’t offer the as many immediate feature changes from the iPad 2 as the iPad 2 did compared to the original iPad – meaning existing iPad 2 owners haven’t run out to upgrade in great numbers.

Slower new iPad growth doesn’t mean that Apple is falling behind in the overall mobile market.

The company maintains a lead over Android for the number of ad impressions (55% to 45%) indicating more overall mobile browser and app use. Likewise, Apple leads in the number of individual devices in the mobile market capturing the top three slots.

  • iPhone – 20.4%
  • iPod touch – 14.9%
  • iPad – 13.4%

Velti notes that these numbers don’t jive with reports of Samsung device shipments topping Apple and other companies.

Apple’s devices are still far and away the leader in impression volume, despite recent claims that Samsung is the new leader in smartphone and tablet shipments.

As far as the mix of U.S. carriers, Velti shows that AT&T is still has majority of U.S. iPhone customers. AT&T represents 61% of iPhone ad impressions followed by Verizon at 28% and Sprint at 11%.

Velti’s data also shows that T-Mobile is being marginalized in the smartphone and tablet markets by not being able to offer the iPhone. T-Mobile represents just 1% of broader smartphone and tablet market. At the same time, Sprint has gained and additional 6% of that market since January, most likely because of iPhone 4S sales.

The full report is available on Velti’s website.

Source: Velti


  • technochick

    Their data is based on impressions for the ads they serve so really all their data is saying is that iPad users aren’t hitting the sites and apps that use their ads. 

  • Rob Klaproth

    That’s not shocking…. You can walk into any retailer here in San Diego and buy one off the shelf… if there was still such a high demand for the new ipad like there was the ipad2, they would still be sold out.