Sparrow For Mac Gets POP Support, Unified Folders & More With Latest Update


Sparrow for Mac finally supports POP email accounts.
Sparrow for Mac finally supports POP email accounts.

Just a day after releasing Sparrow 1.2 for iPhone, the Sparrow team has issued an update to Sparrow for Mac. This release brings a number of new features, improves Sparrow startup times, and quashes bugs.

Sparrow 1.6 for Mac is no longer an IMAP-only email client, finally delivering support for POP email accounts, too. And if you’re a fan of its unified inbox, you can now take advantage of unified folders for your starred, sent, draft, and trash emails.

The release also delivers a number of bug fixes and promises to improve startup times. The complete list of changes includes:

  • POP support
  • Unified inbox, starred, sent, drafts, trash
  • Esc on Quick Reply saves a message as a draft
  • Empty spam button
  • Inbox Zero message when your inbox is clean
  • Composer: “sender” field no accessible with Tab key
  • Pull-to-refresh for starred, unread, priority messages
  • Shift-Command-Option-M toggles extended sidebar
  • App startup time improvement
  • Bug fixes
Furthermore, any pictures in your Mac’s address book will now be chosen ahead of Facebook profile pictures for contacts within Sparrow.

The Sparrow 1.6 update is on its way to those who purchased the app directly from the Sparrow website, while those who purchased Sparrow from the Mac App Store must wait for it to rollout.

Source: The Verge

  • al friede

    …and they STILL haven’t set it up to be able to access your contacts directly in the app! i can’t believe after all this time, i still have to log into my gmail and hotmail accts via browser to do this! 

  • Mads88Tomas

    The Verge got it wrong! it was for beta! here the info:
    and the 200 space for beta has gone

  • Mystakill

    And *still* no reply-to: support, no matter how many times I submit a ticket :(