New Jersey Town May Fine You For Texting While Walking



iPhone app 'Email 'n Walk' lets you e-mail and walk at the same time

Do you hate those morons who wander through the streets whilst tapping text messages into their phones? Do you want to knock the stupid handset out of their hands every time you’re forced to swerve or step aside to avoid them? Then you might consider moving to Fort Lee, New Jersey, where police have started fining pedestrians who they catch texting while they walk.

Anyone deemed distracted enough to cause danger to themselves or others will be ticketed for jaywalking, and will have to pay $85 for the privilege. According to ABC News, Fort Lee police chief Thomas Ripoli says that the “crackdown” is intended to stop people from being killed while crossing the road, something that has happened three times already this year.

There is another way to deal with this. It’s called Darwinism, and it takes care of itself.

The comments from the public solicited by ABC News are themselves great illustrations of why walking texters should be left to meet their own ends. One claimed that “When I walk I still look around. I’m not like constantly looking down the whole time,” and another said that the tickets are “a lot of money.”

Yes, you read that correctly. A woman actually complained that a fine designed to deter a certain behavior is too expensive.

Amazing indeed, and likely yet another case of over-intrusive lawmaking, something the English call the Nanny State. Fortunately, simply texting while walking won’t alone be enough to earn you a jaywalking ticket, but walking out into a busy intersection whilst engrossed in Angry Birds probably will.

Source: ABC News

  • shad0ws

    this is completely fake, over-sensationalized, & also very very late to the game.  i’m disappointed that this is still being reported as news.  see also:

  • Lane Jasper

    I like the idea. Too many times I’m downtown and someone just walking aimlessly in front of me or in front of someone else forcing them to go around, being a moron in crosswalk holding up traffic etc. I’m all for this. People are stupid enough without txting let alone walking across the street completely oblivious to everything around them. I personally avoid these idiots and go around but many don’t and lay on the horn etc. It’s a good idea I think. My 2¢.

  • Pseudonomian

    There is another way to deal with this. It’s called Darwinism, and it takes care of itself.”

    That is stupid. The harm done when someone is hit by a car is more than to the pedestrian. The driver is generally considered at fault, even when they aren’t, so there’s a legal mess there. There is damage to the car. There are potential injuries to the driver and passenger. There are friends and families involved on all sides. I could go on.

    That doesn’t mean that this law (if it were real; apparently it’s fake) is the solution. But Darwinism as the solution? Please, that’s what I’d expect from a 20-year old nitwit who’s read too much Ayn Rand for their own good. [corrected for grammar]

    [corrected for grammar]

  • gavernmusic

    Stupid law, why don’t they say ” you may not text while crossing an intersection” or maybe they should fine to people who drive and text, they cause way more accidents and deaths than pedestrians who walk & text.