Google Named Best Employer In Fortune 500 – Apple Doesn’t Even Make The List


Fortune may value Apple, but apparently not as an employer
Fortune may value Apple, but apparently not as an employer

Apple made it into the top 20 companies on the Fortune 500, nabbing 17th place – an impressive feat for a company that ranked at number 71 just three years ago. When it comes to ensuring a happy workforce, however, Apple didn’t measure up to Fortune’s standards.

Fortune’s list of the 20 best employers drawn from its list the 500 top companies was published over the weekend. Apple didn’t make the list, though some of its competitors did. One of them actually topped the list – Google.

The list (at the end of this post) includes a mix of high-profile companies and niche firms. Fortune used a variety of factors including wages, perks, and the mix of job roles to determine the list.

Only five companies the list are tech companies: Google, NetApp, Qualcomm, Intel, and Microsoft.

Interestingly enough, only one of the companies, Microsoft, managed to make it into the Fortune 500 top 50 this year. Most were significantly further down the list in the 200+ range.

It’s worth noting that this list is just the top 20 employers among the Fortune 500. The magazine also create an overall list of the top 100 U.S. companies to work for regardless of size or market value. Apple failed to make it onto that list as well, though Google remained the top employer pick.

All of this news follows a recent survey from job and career reference site CareerBliss that ranked the top ten employers based on reported job satisfaction. Apple failed to make that list as well despite having a fairly positive average rating by current and former employees. The only company on both the CareerBliss and Fortune lists is high-end retailer Nordstrum.

Here’s the full list of Fortune 500’s top 20 employer’s.

  1. Google
  2. NetApp
  3. NuStar Energy
  4. Qualcomm
  5. Devon Energy
  6. Whole Foods Market
  7. Intel
  8. Marriott International
  9. American Express
  10. Nordstrom
  11. General Mills
  12. EOG Resources
  13. Starbucks
  14. Microsoft
  15. Aflac
  16. Publix Super Markets
  17. Mattel
  18. Stryker
  19. CarMax
  20. Darden Restaurants

Source: Fortune