Burned, Frozen And Thrown Down Stairs, The Canon 7D Keeps On Shooting [Video]


I have a love/hate relationship with destruction videos. Love because, well, who doesn’t love seeing how tough our gadgets really are? And hate because smashing up perfectly good items shows everything that is shameful and bad about our wasteful modern society.

So it is with mixed feelings that I bring you Kai W of DigitalRev TV and his series of ever-more-cruel ordeals for the Canon 7D SLR.

The tests run from the usual (hit with a truck) to the weird (pushed down the stairs on a wheelchair) to the downright bizarre (shot at while still frozen in a block of ice).

After actually surviving these various tortures, the camera could still flip its mirror and open its shutter, so Kai did what any frustrated psychopath would do — he set it on fire.

If you don’t want to watch the (frankly annoying) video to the end, don’t worry. The camera — miraculously — makes it. So this ends up not being a destruction video after all.

It also shows just how rugged these pro-level DSLRS are. If the 7D can survive this kind of abuse, the odd rain shower or drop onto the floor probably won’t even make it blink.

Source: YouTube
Via: PetaPixel