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Toaster-Like Day Maker iPhone Alarm Clock Now On Kickstarter



Wake up!

Does the name of the day contain the letter “y”? Then it must be time for a new Kickstarter project. This time we bring you the Day Maker, a rather ingenious toaster-like alarm clock which pops up your iPhone when it’s time to get your lazy ass out of bed in the morning.

The Day Maker was first seen last year, but has since made it over to Kickstarter where the designer Habitco is seeking $275,000 to make it happen. It works like this: you drop in up to two iPhones and press them down to charge. When an alarm sounds on one for the iPhones, it pops up and the alarm is played through the built-in speaker.

Not ready to get up yet? Just push the phone back down to snooze.

And if two slices is too much, the designers plan to make the Single Slice, a one-phone version that also ditches the clock and speakers. The Day Maker will retail for $180 and the Single Slice will, presumably, go for less.

I like the idea of something that lets me snooze it so easily, although it is pointless for me as a European blogger who doesn’t have to file his first story until after 3PM local time. I’m usually dragged out of bed by the delivery guy bringing me yet another iPad case to test.

If you want one on the cheap, though, you can head over to the Kickstarter page in the next 40 days.

Source: Kickstarter
Via: The Verge