We’re Over Half Sold Out Of Our Apple-Inspired Lisa Tee, Get Yours Now!



Just a heads up: we’re running low on sizes of Cult of Mac’s vintage Apple-inspired In Love With Lisa graphic tee, and once we sell out, we’ll likely be out forever — so stop dilly dallying!

Our new is tee made in the beautiful USA, is crafted from 100% super-soft cotton, and ships worldwide. Tees come in men’s and women’s sizes too, so grab one for yourself or for your GF Lisa before we sell out over at MightTees.com.

  • mr_bee

    wow. this is the fifth (sixth?) time you have written an “article” about this stupid shirt.  and most of the commenters on the site that mention it tell you how ugly and unoriginal it is and how shallow and crass it is of you to sell it, but you still keep going.  

    what’s the matter? did you guys order a boatload and now have to flog this cr*p till the end of time? 
  • Terra Evony

    More bullshit from CoM.

  • Terra Evony

    Maybe the only reason you’re running low is because people are buying these en masse and burning them.

  • Wackintosh

    Goodwill. That’s where they need to go.

    Chalk it up as a loss already.