Safely Browse The Web With Multi-User Private Browser [iOS Tips]



So I don’t know if you have kids or not. Or a wife, or husband. Or a boyfriend or girlfriend. If you do, you might share your iPhone, or at least your iPad. I know I pass my iPad to my kids often. They’re usually more interested in the games I have downloaded on it, but my son has been known to occasionally drop into Safari to look for Minecraft videos.

Anyone using your iOS device has the same access to the browsing you’ve done on the web via mobile Safari as you do. You may not want to share all your browsing history with your children or significant other, am I right?

Here’s a private web browsing app for today’s tip, then.

Multi-User Private Browser is a downloadable app that gives you the ability to create accounts for everyone who uses your iOS device, including yourself. That way, you can keep your own browsing safely in your own account, and let your kids browse to their heart’s content, knowing they won’t trip across all that “research” you may have been doing. Hey, it’s for science!

Launching the app brings up the Accounts screen. Tapping the Edit button allows you to create an account within the app. You can set a numeric password, and even a decoy passcode. I used my lock passcode for the Decoy and a new number for the actual password. The decoy passcode will take users to a fake account that won’t have any of your private browsing. That way, if someone persuades you to give them your account, you can give them the decoy one. Tricky, these developers.

The browser works like a web browser, natch. The tab button is in the lower right corner, and will bring up a list of the open web pages. When finished browsing, you can tap the Log Out button in the upper right corner of the screen. Multi-User Private Browser will drop you back to the Accounts screen. Once you do that, you can hand it off to another user, or just use your iOS device as usual. The app is Universal, which means it will work on an iPad, iPhone, and an iPod touch.

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  • chataupiano
    The only reason anyone might want hide browsing history is if they are doing something illegal or looking at porn.