These 9 Gorgeous App Icons Will Make You Wanna Eat Your iPhone [Gallery]



It’s lunch time on the West Coast. I’m starving. Like, I could eat a zebra-porcupine hybrid right now, that’s how hungry I am. Things are only getting worse after I ran into this trove of beautiful iPhone app icon concepts that make my iPhone and iPad good enough to eat. The steak icon looks so tender. So succulent. I’m going to go grab a burrito before I start trying to eat my iPad like that poor little Taiwanese girl, but you should definitely check out these gorgeous app icons.

Steak App


Pizza App


Sushi App



iOS Sandwich


Oreo App


Jelly Cake app 


Hamburger App



and the perfect way to start the weekend….

The Whiskey App

  • bitsy423

    Who makes them?

  • DenisPakhaliuk

    @bitsy423 designers like

  • Jonathan Ober

    Nabisco should order up a round of Oreo icons and make an app :)

  • mr_bee

    The steak icon and the sushi icon could use some work.  The rest are better.  

  • markrlangston

    Artists is Konstantin Datz

    I use Illustrator too but I have NO idea how he’s doing the stuff he’s doing using Illustrator. Unbelievably incredible talent.
  • ElmerCat

    I’m not sure about that Steak app, I’d be willing to bet they made it with meat glue… and the Hamburger app, is that supposed to be suggestive of pink slime on the wrapper? 

  • Peter Melnikov

    Dear Buster, please prove the link the author of those icons. Those are cool!

  • pixelbud

    For those who wish to know, this is the artist:

    Would have been nice to give him credit, Buster.
  • ApplePr0n

    Haha some of those are pretty cool. But I can’t eat my iPhone, I like it too much

  • TheRyanFord

    I made the Sandwich and the Pizza icons.