MacKeeper Is 911 For Your Mac [Deals]


CoM - MacKeeper

Have you been looking for a way to unleash the powerful capabilities of your Mac? Well, MacKeeper is your lifetime solution. And we’ve got it available for you on Cult of Mac Deals for a very limited time.

MacKeeper is an award-winning all-in-one system utility that includes 16 powerful maintenance features that fully optimizes, protects, controls, and cleans your Mac.  There’s almost nothing it can’t do…and we’re stoked that we can deliver it to you here — but please note that the price of this offer will INCREASE $1 EVERY DAY until mid-sale so if it’s something you’ve been looking for then you should take advantage of it while you can.

So what does MacKeeper do? Well…

Security Features:

  • Internet Security – Protect your Mac from all threats coming from online: phishing, identity theft, credit card fraud, spyware, malware etc.
  • Anti-Theft – Use the most advanced technologies to locate a stolen computer and get it back.

Optimization Features:

  • Update Tracker – Keep the latest versions of all apps in one place and makes the updating process much more convenient.
  • Login Items – Optimize and speeds up your Mac by setting up the applications to open upon login.
  • Default Apps – Define which application will open each file type.

Data Control Features:

  • Data Encryptor – Prevent unwanted access to your files by using double password protection and AES encryption standards.
  • Files Recovery – Restore deleted and trashed files from your Mac’s hard drive. Supports a wide range of file formats both for HFS+ and NTFS systems. Is able to recover files from external storage devices.
  • Backup – Create and schedules backups of important files on your Mac’s hard drive as well as external devices and online storages.
  • Shredder – delete files or folders without any chance to recover them.
  • ZeoDisk – Share, backup and sync all your files online.

Cleaning Features:

  • Fast Cleanup – A set of cleaning utilities that completely removes all kinds of junk from your Mac.
  • Smart Uninstaller – Completely removes unneeded applications leaving no junk behind.
  • Disk Usage – Scans data on your Mac and shows the largest files on the hard drive.
  • Duplicates Finder – Look for file copies that take up space on your Mac’s hard drive and delete them with the click of a button.
  • Files Finder – Scan your Mac to find any file you’re looking for.

This offer is good for 1 Standard MacKeeper license which is good for up to two Macs (as long as both computers are located in one office or within one family), and the license is good for the lifetime of your machine. So if you want to take care of your Mac with 16 powerful tools, then grab this Cult of Mac Deals offer while you can! Your Mac will thank — and reward — you for it.

  • Cloudesley Shovell

    Are you seriously shilling for these assholes? Guess I don’t need CoM in my RSS any more.

  • jackpresley

    My imac was incredibly slow after I installed this package.  I’m disappointed at CoM taking money off these to plug their package on the site. It will certainly make me think about future packages ‘reviewed’ on this site.

  • Martinbishop

    This software is the very definition of a virus. You install the demo and it halfs your computers speed then asks you for a credit card to “fix” the issue. We have this program blocked on our Mac management system to keep our company’s users from installing it by mistake.
    Way to go using them as a source of money COF. Why not just use flashback as a sponsor?

  • jasonracicot

    Fuck you guys for selling this shit product and their twat style pop up ads! Done with your site.

  • demonkingdev

    Shocking to see CoM selling out to MacKeeper. We all know what MacKeeper truly is, a POS. Please do not install this and CoM, shame on you!

  • Paul Paul Paul

    I totally agree to the other commenters. You are totally discrediting yourself with this crap.

    You should delete this post and apologize for fucking about your customers.
  • Johan Rolwen

    Shame on you, Mark Vardy. The respect I had for Cult of Mac is now gone… you should really apologize. 

  • Mac95

    I second, that MacKeeper software is NOT recommendable. cost me a LOT of money and made my poor iMac un-state of the art. didn’t recover from that abuse, yet fully, even.

  • SkepticalRaptor

    Seriously?  Have you even read the Apple Community Discussions about this product?  Have you googled it?  Do you how many people have websites that have to explain the multiple steps that required to remove it from you Mac?

    It’s malware of the worst kind, because you pay for it.  If you’re shilling for these jackasses, then Cult of Mac is gone from my reader.  How can we trust ANYTHING you write any more?  
    Anyone consider buying this POS software, go search it on the Apple Discussion.  Just search it.  There will be literally 1000 threads on the problems it causes and how hard it is to eliminate from your computer.  It does everything from memory leaks to system overhead problems.  This is shocking.
  • likethepear

    GOODBYE Cult of Mac! I can’t believe that you would actually recommend this software to people. There are probably thousands of new Mac users who will screw up their systems because you recommended this to them. I hope I’m not the only one who stops reading Cult of Mac over this. 

    • Brice

      Yeah i am too… But do we really have much proof that this piece of software is lethal? Let’s be honest. We know less information about this software than Cult of Mac does.

  • KiwiNZ

    I doubt the writer even knows what this “package” is. I will not give any future contributions by this *cough* journalist any credence.

  • actroutt

    Wait a second. Are all you guys saying this software is bad? But it’s got such pretty icons.

  • media_lush

    cultofmac ….. you should be ashamed!

    as everyone else here has pretty much said you’ve lost any credibility for all your future reviews…. that’s if I even bother to come back!
  • sonofsci

    I tried to email and warn you not to advertise for these guys before you posted this article.  I’m sorry you had to learn the hard way. 

  • michaelrow

    Unbelievable that you have been hoodwinked by this POS. There is nothing worth doing that it does that cannot be done with freeware. When the innocent begin to smell something suspicious about this they have a devil of a time trying to get rid of it. Dump it. This is the sort of crapware that caused many of us to leave the PC world behind.

  • Rob Gilgan

    I’d like to see something from Cult of Mac explaining how this error occurred. I can get everything I get here, from Engadget. And that’s where I’m going if you don’t have an explanation for this monstrous betrayal of your readers within 24 hours.

  • gremista

    i am waiting for a good answer from the CoM people about this post. this software is hated by everyone in apple forums, and i wonder how is it possible that it has received a good review here. 

  • likethepear

    COM is obviously scared to respond to us. Either that or they’re too busy out spending the money that MacKeeper paid them! The thing that bothers me the most is that there are going to be a lot of new Mac users who download that horse shit because they are fooled by all that it claims to do and the fact that it has a cute icon. It looks so innocent and really appears to be a good deal.But it’s not. It’ll make you wish you were using Windows again! (Yes, it’s THAT bad) To all the newer Mac users I say RUN! RUN LIKE THE WIND FROM THIS GARBAGE SOFTWARE!!! GO NOW. DON’T LOOK BACK!!! And to Cult of Mac I say shame on you. 

  • ApplePr0n

    Personally not a fan. I installed it and it made my CPU run slow then it asked for a credit card to speed it back up to where it was before it was installed

  • Noway Bro

    are you sh!tting me, slinging that scam of a product. what’s next, a quibids endorsement? good bye CoM, you sold your soul and your credibility, you are now removed from my bookmarks, you just lost a daily reader.

  • Thomas Meldgaard

    What a shame to see this “product” advertised on a site I normally consider serious. I reckon everybody can be bought.

  • Michael

    Lots of hate. So many people advertise for this app. Shit or not IDK I never used it, but Mac Rumors has advertised for these guys, so has MacUpdate, almost all the sites I know. They need to make money some how. Just don’t buy the software, don’t knock the site. These guys have some funny articles. People are such cry babies god.

  • lkahney

    Leander here. 

    Googling around it’s obvious that MacKeeper is VERY unpopular with a bunch of people, but it is definitely NOT a virus/Trojan. 

    In fact, it has earned a bunch of very favorable reviews. Macworld magazine calls it a gem ( 

    TUAW gives it a favorable review:

    Here’s Dave Hamilton of Backbeat Media talking it up at Macworld Expo:

    In fact, the company was a major sponsor of Macworld expo. There’s no way Macworld is going to let a bunch of virus/Trojan hackers sponsor its expo.

    The company is very aggressive with its marketing, and it maybe the software is not the easiest thing to uninstall, but as far as I know, it’s a legit piece of software from a legit company.

    Tell me if i’m wrong. Don’t just a assert it — show me some evidence. If it’s not legit, of course we’ll pull it down. 

  • lkahney

    FYI — Apple sells a lite version of MacKeeper called 911 Bundle through the Mac App Store, which is vetted: 

    Zeobit has obviously earned some notoriety for its marketing. It’s very aggressive and runs an affiliate program that appears to invite abuse. But from what I’m seeing, the profesional editorial reviews are universally positive.

    To reiterate: We’ll pull this deal in a second if we find out it is harmful to users’ computers or a scam. It’s obviously controversial, so perhaps we should have steered clear in the first place. Lesson learned. 


  • Aybara

    FYI — Apple sells a lite version of MacKeeper called 911 Bundle through the Mac App Store, which is vetted: 

    Zeobit has obviously earned some notoriety for its marketing. It’s very aggressive and runs an affiliate program that appears to invite abuse. But from what I’m seeing, the profesional editorial reviews are universally positive.

    To reiterate: We’ll pull this deal in a second if we find out it is harmful to users’ computers or a scam. It’s obviously controversial, so perhaps we should have steered clear in the first place. Lesson learned. 


    Yeah, called 911 Bundle so they didn’t have to call it MacKeeper which would’ve probably kept it OUT of the App Store.

    Anything that you have to go in and delete .plists and various other orphans the program hides to uninstall, is not something that should be ‘promoted’.
    Zeobit has been promising a true uninstaller for this program for quite some time, yet they never QUITE get it released.
    Also, most of those reviews you cite are from 2010.  Notice how none of them have touched it since?
  • Shaun Thomas

    IF you want to give your mac everything that’s bad on a pc then go ahead and install this vile rubbish!

  • gremista
    i find this very interesting:
  • Christopher Berg

    Never experience a known problem with it installed but after reading these comments and doing some research I immediately got rid of all files

  • Jerry Siano

    I can’t believe you are advocating for this SCAM! Every single macintosh that I have seen with Mackeeper on it runs like junk! It will delete files that it claims are unused, but it will end up being your iPhoto Library and once I finally delete it from the computer, it runs like it’s out of the box new. Not to mention, Mackeeper installs hidden files in your system that you have to find before you can actually put the App in your trash. Sounds a lot like PC Virus protection to me. DO NOT BUY or TRY MACKEEPER!!! It will ruin your day and probably mine…

  • jackpresley

    Thanks for replying Leander.  

    Maybe it’s not a virus/trojan but it is a really bad piece of software that in my experience does the opposite to what it’s supposed to.  Are there any recent favorable reviews by the way?  The one you lin are either 2010 or early 2011.
  • juxtaposer

    I bought MacKeeper through you and it will not activate. Zerobit says they have no record of my purchase and you need to fix the problem

  • Gareth Edwards

    You know, I haven’t posted on CoM since they started cross posting articles with CoA – A mac fan site littering their articles with Android® posts was enough to put them on my shit list. I do pop in now and again however and WHOA!, what do I see today – I see CoM pushing this crud at viewers.

    SHAME ON YOU CoM.  Looks like I was right about the direction this site had taken some months ago. It’s a real shame. I like the articles and most of the writing but this kind of piss poor shilling takes the biscuit.
    LOOK AT WHAT YOUR POSTERS / READERS / REGULAR CONTRIBUTORS ARE SAYING!!!! FFS!!!!  Have the decency to treat your readers with a bit more respect. We’re mac users, NOT PC USERS, we don’t want crap like this on out machines, never have done and with any luck never will do.  Pushing this rancid stuff only increases the chance that people who are poorly educated might actually put this stuff on their machines. Very poor CoM, very poor.
  • FredHandl

    Are you serious? Like, in … really serious?

    Looks like you sold out.

  • Mikey Garcia

    Really disappointing CoM… I used to refer people to this site, but I cannot do that in good conscience anymore. Not only do you allow them to advertise on your site, but you have even defended this intrusive, unhelpful software… You all know enough, to know what this is. STOP PROMOTING IT! You cannot possibly be that greedy…

  • Terry Lambert

    After I buy the damn thing, why do you keep advertising to ME? Are you just too stupid to set a cookie? Or are you just incompetent programmers incapable of using the machine UUID to decide not to do a captive “let’s force this person to dismiss the dialog because we can’t be bothered to learn JavaScript”??

  • ajay67

    Real Mac Users from all over the world have been lured in by supposedly expert sites and reviewers like yourselves to try this awful software. You’re right, it’s not a virus or a trojan – it’s far worse than these easy to rectify computer threats. Mackeeper totally destroyed my Mac’s operational integrity and was almost impossible to remove completely.

    In future, before you “review” a product please take a break from pandering to your sponsors wishes ( I’m being polite ) and actually test the software for yourself. There will be many Mac users who trust your reviews. I for one have lost all faith in com’s legitimacy and credibility.

  • GB

    When I did a mistake in migrating my itunes library to an external drive and then deleted the main folder and trashing it from my main hard drive due to lack of space, I realized I had not respected the first rule of data migration which is keep the original until the copy is validated!! I then tried to find a software to help me out with recovery found Wondershare Data recovery. Before buying it I realized Mackeeper offered a recovery tool!!! ARE YOU FUCKING ME!!! This is a piece of shit! Mackeeper recovery does not recover your file structure nor the name of the file, it gives it a WACKY sort of not even sequential number, so if you have like thousands of songs and albums split across hundreds of folders and hundreds of sub-folders, you are LITERALLY screwed with Mackeeper because it only recovers the files, not the structure. So if you have like 25,000 songs, then you have 25,000 files with weird numbers, no name reference, no structure : NOTHING!!! I am deleting this tool and cancelling my membership, its a piece of shit.