Giveaway: 17+ App Promo Code From The App That Started It All



News of Apple’s refusal to allow 17+ app promo codes broke with this Cult of Mac interview with James Miller, Director of Marketing for Trichotomy Media. Naughty LOADED Dice, a foreplay game with a secret menu to dictate dice rolls, snuck past the Apple censors and made its way onto our iPhones and into our bedrooms.

In a recent email to Cult of Mac, Trichotomy Media attributed our coverage of the promo code refusal as instrumental in their reinstatement. To celebrate free love and free iPhone apps, we’re giving away a Naughty LOADED Dice promo code.

Just comment on this post with your favorite dictator, fascist, suppressor of freedom, book burner or other comment and you’ll be entered to win. Contest ends midnight, September 20th.