Logitech’s iOS-Compatible Security Camera Sees In The Dark



Enjoy the feelings of impotence you can only get from remote-viewing the vandalization of your home

I have mixed thoughts on home-monitoring systems. On the one hand, you get some peace of mind knowing when the house is empty. But on the other, if the worst does happen, you get to watch the burglar burglarize your home, live, as it happens. I guess at the very least, you do have a warning not to use that toothbrush ever again. Not after the burglar stuck it in his [That’s enough! -Ed].

Still, if you’re going to add cameras to the house, then Logitech’s new “Alert 750n Indoor Master System – with Night Vision” looks pretty good. It uses your home’s powerlines to both power the camera and connect it to the network, and you can monitor it from an iOS app.

Setup looks simple enough. Plug an adapter into both your router and the wall, and then plug the camera into any socket. It is now connected to your network, and likely perfectly placed to film the ankles of any invaders.

The Night-vision part of the name comes from the IR lamp that lets the camera see up to 50 feet in the dark, and you can specify certain “motion zones” in the frame to minimize false positives with the motion detection function.

You can view the camera’s footage from a Mac or PC, but as this uses a Flash-based piece of software, you should only do that if you hate yourself. Better to grab the free iOS app which offers live streaming, access to the camera’s DVR, configurable alerts and lets you monitor audio.

How much for this peace of mind? $300. At that price, you might have to start worrying about somebody stealing the camera.

Source: Logitech
Thanks: Christina

  • mr_bee

    I’d like to know if like all other cameras of this type it also requires you to create a user account with yet another internet service.  I’ve been looking for a camera like this for a while, but all the good ones that aren’t ugly POS seem to want you to join a website.  

    We all have enough log-ins to enough websites to remember already, and not all of us are comfortable with private video of our house being accessible to the thought police in the USA.  
  • Lane Jasper

    It would suck to watch as it was burglarized, but on the same hand you’d have a better shot and catching them with footage too. You could pickup a car’s plate or a description of them etc. 50/50

  • Mopcodes

    Waaaaay to expensive.