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Why You Should Never Use AirPlay To Stream Your Home Sex Movies [Humor]


It's censored, but it's porn streaming over AirPlay.
It's censored, but it's porn streaming over AirPlay.

If you’ve ever used AirPlay to connect speakers or your AppleTV to your iPhone, you’ll know that you’ve got to be diligent about disconnecting your device afterwards, lest you suddenly start piping sounds or video to somewhere else accidentally.

How bad can it be if you don’t remember to do that? Really, really bad. In fact, this is pretty much the worst case scenario we could think of: one Redditor who forgot to disconnect his iPhone from his Apple TV via AirPlay ended up showing his in-laws a homemade pornographic film featuring their daughter.

The post on Reddit reads:

I have an Apple TV 2 and an iPhone. I regularly use AirPlay to display videos from my phone to my living room TV via the Apple TV 2. My wife and I have used my iPhone to record ourselves being… “intimate” (don’t bother preaching about the risks involved in having such things on your phone. I’m well aware, and I’ve taken every measure possible to secure my iPhone).

This is great for me because I travel frequently, and sometimes my wife and I will watch the videos to “get in the mood”.

Yesterday afternoon my my wife and I were in the living room, getting a little frisky, so I proposed we throw one of the videos up onto the TV screen. She was into it, so I started to AirPlay a video of our last recorded intimate experience. Unfortunately, we didn’t get very far before our doorbell rang. It was her parents. They had arrived at our house a bit early to start their evening of babysitting our daughter for us so we could attend a friend’s birthday party at a local restaurant.

So, we went to the party, had a good time (dinner, drinks etc.) and returned home at about 11 p.m.

My in-laws were lounging in the living room, watching Tinker Tailor: Soldier Spy. They said that they only had about 30 minutes remaining until the movie was over, so they said they would let themselves out when it was over. So we said our goodnights and headed up to our room.

Both my wife and I had the same thing on our mind (hint- sex) since earlier that evening, so, after undressing and hopping into bed, I whipped out my… iPhone… and pulled up the video we had started watching earlier.

As we lay there, staring at the screen, I was initially confused as to why the video progress bar was moving, but the screen wasn’t displaying the video…

As we were lying there in the bed, and the realization of what was happening hit me, I immediately stopped playback and disabled airplay. I laid there frozen, stunned.

My wife didn’t understand what had happened, so she was asking me, “what happened, why’d you turn it off” still in a playful mood. I was deciding whether to tell her what happened, as I tried to recall what point the video was at when it may have been AirPlaying to the living room TV.

I didn’t say anything, and I pulled the video back up (double-checking to make sure AirPlay was disabled), and pressed play. When the video resumed, the scene was not full-on pornographic, as it was a point in which we were both moving/adjusting, and the camera was mostly showing the surrounding room. I scrubbed the video back a few seconds (10-20) and was somewhat relieved to see that there’s a 75% chance that her parents didn’t see anything too graphic.

From what I saw in the section of video that most-likely played through the TV, they may have see my topless wife (their daughter), but no actual “sex”.

So, I didn’t explain to my wife that her parents had probably seen a few seconds of our home sex tape. I just told her that the video was paused, and still connected to the Apple TV, but that I didn’t think it had played before I reverted it to the iPhone.

We didn’t go downstairs to confront them. We just let them finish their movie, and let themselves out.

They haven’t said anything to either of us about it yet.

Fingers crossed!

Fingers crossed indeed. Remember to disconnect your AirPlay devices, kids!

Source: Reddit


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