Learn How To Build Apps With The iPad Programming Course [Last Chance]


CoM- iPad Programming

If you’ve ever wanted to build apps on the iPad, then keep reading, because we’ve searched high and low for a solid iPad development course…and we’ve finally found a great match. Cult of Mac Deals is offering an informative iPad programming video course is amped up with more than 9.5 valuable hours of iPad development training.

And we’re offering it to you for a limited time for only $49.

This video course will teach you how to build PhotoWheel, a photo management and sharing app that leverages the most common aspects of iOS 5. Along with that you’ll learn about the latest features in iOS 5 and Xcode. The free version of PhotoWheel can be downloaded from the App Store for use with the course material.

This course is perfectly suited for developers at any skill level interested in building apps for the iPad (but you should have some basic knowledge of Objective C programming if you’re planning on giving it a shot).

What You’ll Learn:

  • How to use storyboard and view controllers to design a UI
  • How to understand Core Data
  • How to add device rotation support
  • How to build a full screen photo browser and use pinch and zoom
  • How to use web services and enable iCloud synching

And who’s going to teach you all of this? Well, the man behind this course is Kirby Turner, an independent software developer and business owner who focuses on Mac and iOS programming. He is an expert Cocoa and Xcode programmer and has written a book on iPad programming.

The iPad has quickly become the next big thing and now you can learn how to build a comprehensive iPad app for only $49. With this video course from Cult of Mac Deals you’ll literally save thousands…so grab it today!