Case-Mate’s ‘Recession Case’: Is Cardboard The New Cool?




Tired of wrapping your iPhone in titanium? Looking for something a bit more ‘real’ when it comes to cases? Well, you can’t get more ordinary than some cardboard and a Sharpie-looking typeface. That’s the concept behind Case-Mate’s “recession case.”

“The recession case lets you keep cash in your pocket without sacrificing on unique design for your beloved iPhone,” the company announced. The case costs $0.99 individually or a “bailout bundle”of 10 cardboard cases for $7.99.

The cases also can be personalized using a “Sharpie” font.

While Case-Mate offers free shipping, the design looks very similar to CD mailers. To overcome the confusion, Case-Mate also offers a humorous FAQ, answering questions such as can the cases be used to microwave pizza? (The answer: sure, but the company won’t guarantee the pie’s quality.)

While interesting, the “recession case” is not the first time people have sold ordinary-looking wrappers for their Apple gear. We’ve written about a MacBook case that could be mistaken (except the deliberate typos) for a discarded newspaper. An old FedEx envelope is another option for Gadget Lab’s Charlie Sorrel.

Just recently, we wrote about another unique use for cardboard – this one costing nada. A French industrial designer created a do-it-yourself iPhone dock out of card stock and released a template.