20 Stunning Images That Show How Magical The Apple Store Can Really Be [Gallery]


From outer space, image by Ingo Meckmann.

Remember your first trip to the Apple Store? The glass and metal. Clean floors and every Apple gadget waiting for you to play with it. Maybe the novelty of visiting the Apple Store has worn off for you, maybe it hasn’t, but there’s no denying Apple has created the coolest retail experience in the world. Apple Stores are a like a Disneyland for fanboys. With their unique architecture and building materials, each Apple Store provides a truly magical experience to customers. Here are 20 captivating images that showcase just how magical the Apple Store can really be.

 Mac @ Night by Charles Dastodd





5th Avenue Apple by Daniel Kotz


5th Ave Gotham by Lisa Wood


Apple Store @ Legacy Village by T.J. Powell


Apple Store Carrousel du Louvre by Johannes Heuckeroth

The Gathering


The Mother Of All Stores by Ingo Meckmann



Apple Store Michigan Avenue by Thomas Tomchak



The Red Apple


Stairs in Sydney Apple, by Chris Dalton



MacMan by Nicolas Zonvi


Apple Store @ Shanghai by Kyle Lee



Up The Stairs In Shanghai by Armando Cuellar


The Mighty Apple by Rob Furatero



Apple Idea by Kyle Antstey



X by Michael Jacobs



Hong Kong Apple Store @ IFC by Everett Rodriguez


Apple Store HK by Daniel Kong



  • likethepear

    I wish all Apple Stores were like those. The majority of them are nothing at all like that. My local store is just a dumpy mall outlet that is too small and it doesn’t sell enough peripherals and accessories. Oh well! At least it’s got a Genius Bar. 

  • Jdsonice

    No wonder on a per sure foot basis these are the most profitable stores. The amazing thing is that no one has ever done stores like this before and there are so many retail “geniuses” out there.  It took Apple and its tech leaders to do this. 

    In the last two years I have spent more time and money in my local Apple store than anywhere else. My niece and nephew want to live in the store, I just cannot afford it. 

  • RichardGase
  • shannonw6290

    Great post! I wish the Apple stores where I live were that pretty. Know where I can get a wallpaper version of these pics?

  • baby_Twitty

    Simple elegant.

  • meckimac

    Very good collection of Apple Store pictures but why are you not linking back to the original sources and include the photographers names?

    Two of the pictures – one is the title one – are shot by me and I would really appreciate some credit notes if using my pictures.
  • AndyNico_

    This is a nice collated list, but as has been said before it is pretty poor that you don’t include a simple link back to the sources of the images you are using. It’s just common decency.

  • Buster

    @AndyNico_ & @meckimac all pictures were originally linked back to their source but it looks like some of those links were striped out by our CMS. If have a source link feel free to add it to your comment and the pictures will be updated accordingly