Touchtype iPad Case Holds An Apple Wireless Keyboard For Typists On The Go


The Touchtype is a hot new case for the iPad on Kickstarter.
The Touchtype is a hot new case for the iPad on Kickstarter.

The Touchtype is a new Kickstarter project that aims to be the ultimate case for iPad typists. Like the Incase Origami Workstation, the Touchtype conveniently holds an Apple wireless keyboard and iPad inside a thin design.

Apple’s Bluetooth keyboard can be stored underneath the iPad, and the case itself props up any iPad model to let you type. With support for all of Apple’s tablets and a sleek, utilitarian design, the Touchtype looks like an awesome accessory for those who still want to use a physical keyboard with the iPad.

Instead of holding the Apple keyboard on top of the iPad, the Touchtype stores the keyboard underneath the iPad to conserve space. The design creates a thin profile that allows you to quickly pull out the keyboard and start typing.

Once you prop up your iPad, you can view it in portrait or landscape mode thanks to the case’s generic straps. The Touchtype’s cover comes with an extra set of hidden magnets to automatically wake and sleep a second or third-gen iPad in any orientation. No more turning the iPad around to make it go to sleep properly in its case.

The Touchtype comes in 3 colors: gray polyurethane, a “wild espresso” leather, and a “luxurious” black leather.

The project just hit Kickstarter, and the designer, Salman Sajid, says he has submitted a patent for the United States Patent and Trademark office to approve. If you contribute $47 on Kickstarter now you’ll get a grey Touchtype when the project collects necessary funding. Customers outside of the United States will have to pay extra for shipping and handling. There are also $52, $85, and $95 backing options. The project needs to reach $2,500 in funding in 29 days.

What do you think of the Touchtype?

Source: Kickstarter

  • iPadcaseunivrse

    Awesome case, but will people pay the probably high price? I’ll review it if it ever sees the light of day!!

  • ronenmendez

    This looks poorly made, highly expensive and requires you to buy the Apple Keyboard for 69$ separately. 

    Slow news day cultofmac?