Twitpic Gets Its Own iPhone App At Last



Twitpic's app is likely too late to really get popular

Twitpic, the photo-sharing service for Twitter, has finally gotten its own standalone app. You can use is to post pictures to Twitter from your iPhone, and you can also browse previous photos you have uploaded to the service (and you probably will have some there already, as many Twitter apps use Twitpic).

You can also use the app as a client to browse photos taken by people you follow on Twitter.

It’s a little late in coming, and maybe too late thanks to the popularity of Instagram, Camera+ and Hipstamatic. But TwitPic does look like a very polished little app, especially for a first version. Like those other apps, TwitPic lets you edit photos before sending them, with crop, brightness adjustments and special effects — you get the picture (pun intended).

It turns out that I have 71 photos already in my timeline, and most of those are other people’s images posted from various websites. In my actual, new Twitpic timeline, I just have one test shot. This means that these two streams are segregated, which is probably a good thing once you get over the initial confusion.

Will I be using Twitpic to post photos to Twitter? I very much doubt it. And I doubt you will, either. After all, if you already post photos to Twitter, you likely already have a preferred app for doing it. And it’s also likely that that same app will let you post to Facebook and a bunch of other places, too.

Twitpic is available now, free, in the app store.

Source: TwitPic
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Via: The Verge

  • mr_bee

    seems a tad extraneous to me, but nicely put together.