Gifture, An Instagram For Animated GIFs



Gifture is like Harry Potter's Instagram

Back from when the internet was too slow for video, we had animated GIFs. Now, in the days of fiber connections and YouTube, we still trade GIFs. Or we would, if we actually knew how to make them.

Enter Gifture, an Instagram-a-like app which makes animated GIFs instead of still photos. It shoots sequences, puts them together and lets you apply filter before sending them off to the web to share.

The app is free, and once you launch it you can sign in with Twitter, Facebook or create an account with Gifture. To make an animation you can either shoot a sequence of photos manually or set the camera to auto, where it’ll snap the pictures for you, pop, pop, pop, in bursts of two, five, ten or twenty frames.

Once done, you can chop out bad frames and choose you filter. Finally, you share, and you can also send to Facebook or Twitter.

If you’re familiar with Instagram, then you’ll find this very easy, and also very polished. I tried to find Twitter friends using the built-in tools, but nobody is on there yet, so I don’t know if this will actually be worth using. You can check out the popular section, but it is — predictably — filled with pictures of cats and teenage girls.

Still, if nothing else there’s finally an easy way to make animated GIFs.

Source: Gifture
Source: iTunes
Via: Macworld