iCandy, A Digital Distraction For Kids



Those dumb kids won't even know you're taking their pictures

Meet iCandy, a device with one, simple purpose: distracting children. The iCandy is a bracket that screws into the bottom of your SLR camera and holds your iPhone out in front of it, ready to entertain children and stop them from getting bored during portrait sessions. Think of it as a kind of digital version of the plush Mickey Mouses held up by ambidextrous photographers of the past.

Once sat in the iCandy, the phone’s position can be adjusted fore and aft to match the length of the lens and size of camera (it’ll work with just about any camera and phone combo), and Spongebob videos can then be played for as long as it takes to snap a cute picture.

If you’re not shooting kids, or if you don’t like photos where your subjects are staring downwards, out of shot, then you can use the mount to show your adult model the photos you’re snapping as you shoot — handy to give them instant feedback. You could even use the contraption to set up some iPhone-provided lighting for macro shots.

The iCandy is currently seeking cash on Kickstarter where $79 will get you one of the first units off the line. If you wait, then the retail price will be $99.

Source: iCandy
Source: Kickstarter
Via: PetaPixel

  • sonofsci

    It looks interesting.  I do Pet Photography.  I wonder what kind of video I could play to captivate a dog.  hmmm….