Iron Man’s Power Armor: Designed On A Vintage 1984 Mac [Video]



Tony Stark — otherwise known as the Invincible Iron Man, as seen in this weekend’s mega blockbuster hit The Avengers — is probably the superhero mentioned most often in the same breath as Apple. Apple’s LiquidMetal is often called Tony Stark stuff, and Iron Man’s perfect amalgam of advanced tech and cool style is rightly compared to Apple’s own design ethos.

That’s why we love this awesome video by Matt’s Macintosh, showing Tony Stark “designing” his Iron Man armor using StarkPaint on a 1984 Starkintosh… which just happens to look pretty much identical to a vintage 1984 Macintosh.

Source: YouTube
Thanks: Thomas F.!

  • mr_bee

    OMG Tony Stark is *nothing* like Apple or anyone who would work there.  He’s almost the opposite.  

    Even if you ignore the fact that none of the technology in Iron Man would even work without ignoring most of the laws of physics, he’s the biggest *ssh*le you could possibly be without being sphincter shaped.  He’s also selfish, pro-war, pro-unchecked-capitalism, childish, and mean.  
    I mean how much more un-Apple can you get?