Skech Gives Great Service To Case-Seeking Customer


Having trouble finding a stockiest for a gadget you want? Try contacting customer service

Here’s a win for customer service: Several readers have written in to ask about the excellent Skech Porter case for the iPad, which I reviewed a while back, but which is all but impossible to actually buy. Cult of Mac reader Chris decided to get in touch with Skech and ask just what was going on. The result will warm your cold little hearts.

Like most people who write things on the internet, Chris originally threw something of a hissy fit over on Facebook, including use of the term “bull shit” (with spaces). After Skech politely replied and proved to be actual humans with feelings, Chris remembered his manners and asked where he could get a case in the UK.

Gadi from Skech went one better than simply pointing to a store, and instead sent a Porter case to Chris. And generously, when Chris asked how to pay, Gadi refused to take his money.

Now, this might not help you if you want to buy one of Skech’s excellent but seemingly very rare cases, but it shows a commitment to customer service that is up there with the quality of the merchandise. It’s even more impressive when you remember that Skech is based in Israel, which is a long, long way away from rainy old England.

The moral of this story? That you should spend more time being demanding in forums if you want to get some customer satisfaction.

Thanks: Chris

  • linopolis

    Well that’s lovely, and I’m incredibly happy for Chris, still doesn’t answer when the ruddy thing is coming out though does it?

  • Chris Briggs Young

    And the entire Skechit website seems to be down. Hmmmm…..

  • Peter

    Reward the guy who threw a Facebook hissy-fit with a free case when others can’t even get their hands on one? Not the sort of customer service I feel like supporting with my hard cash…

  • JacktheMac

    I agree with Peter.

    I repeatedly emailed Skech, very politely, to ask how I could buy a Porter for the iPad 3. I offered to pay for all shipping costs, etc. After a while I stopped getting responses. Perhaps I should have stooped to swearing in my emails
    It’s all very well for Charlie Sorrel to recommend and review an item without give us mere mortals the faintest clue on how to get one, then post this heartwarming story of Skech’s (undeniable) generosity.
    As he still hasn’t told us, here are some details. have the Porter 3 and other new Skech products and will ship within the EU, though they will only sell to VAT registered businesses. But they assure me that Skech’s new products will be available via Amazon soon.
    In the meantime Charlie, PLEASE give availability details when you mention a product – otherwise you just piss people off (there, I feel better for that).