Make Dealing With Zip Files Less Of A Pain In OS X [Video How-To]



One of my biggest gripes when dealing with files in OS X is working with zipped directories. OS X’s built in Archive Utility does a poor job of managing compressed files. With some tweaks though, you can make dealing with zipped files less of a pain. In this video, I’ll show you how to do it.

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4 responses to “Make Dealing With Zip Files Less Of A Pain In OS X [Video How-To]”

  1. ppanah says:

    does the built in archive utility in OSX support unraring? i use unarchiver for that from that appstore but if the native one can unrar i’d rather use that…

  2. pcmedman says:

    Great tip – especially with the option to install it in the settings pane. Thanks!

  3. Fernando Teixeira says:

    my macintosh hd doesn’t appear on finder, is that something from mountain lion?

  4. Technocrz! says:

    thats awesome watching this video after almost two years, i saved it in pocket and today i was cleaning up that and took 100% advantage of this video, Thanks Michael.

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