Forget AT&T — We’ll Tell You Why Apple May Be Your Next iPhone Carrier On The CultCast



Is Apple secretly plotting to become your next wireless carrier? It could happen sooner than you think. And will the iPhone 5 sport a widescreen 4-inch retina display? It’s a rumor rundown on our brand new CultCast!

And you asked for it, you got it — we’ve gathered a list of our most-loved apps of the week, and we’re ready to pick the best of the bunch.

Catch all that and more on this week’s CultCast.

  • joewaylo

    @Tallest_Skil: It could happen. There’s always the possibility. Same reason as Samsung could be the next Galaxy Carrier.

    1. Apple would be willing to invest in it’s money to make a better call center that covers 100% of the United States. Even the mountains can’t block their signals. Verizon and AT&T have yet to build towers that penetrate mountains nor are willing to invest in penetration.

    2. Even if Apple has already tried and was denied under forced legalization, laws change. Even if not, Apple can take it’s $100 Billion Dollars and buy off a cellphone company.

  • JP Jay

    Why would we even want anything like that??? Last thing I want is for a company to have a monopoly on a cell phone service, regardless of who the company is.

    With no competition between carriers Apple could charge whatever they want for the service. And not to mention that Verizon, Sprint, At&t all put billions into their service towers. So what makes people think that Apples service will be magically better just because they start their own service? 
  • ApplePr0n

    The only way I could see this in the United States is if they purchased one of the carriers. There just simply isn’t enough spectrum remaining for them to make a legitimate carrier. Also, for those currently under contract- i would gladly jump to Apple’s carrier, especially if it’s the exclusive carrier of Apple, but there are a lot of people that are under contract. Just keep it as is, its a proven method that has reaped benefits for Apple. If it ain’t broke, then don’t fix it I say

  • mr_bee

    More wild, wild speculation from Erfon.  

    This is just click-bait and mostly complete nonsense.  It even includes the dumb “iPhone 5” moniker just to make sure that those who are (rightly) incensed by the idiots that continually use it get their dander up enough to comment.  

  • benandarchie

    now way.

    it costs TONNES to make Carrier tower things all over america which would cost an absolute fortune! That why there arent many carriers in the US because it takes such a large investment. Plus knowing apple they will make it only available for there products but if they want to actually make a profit out of just 2 products (iphone and ipad and even if macs join it wont make a difference) the tariffs will be massively expensive and it will also make the products rise in price. So it would never happen UNLESS apple hired a mad ceo who wanted to use all their money and destroy apple, like bill gates.
  • Dimitri Theofilopoulos

    way to mislead ur readers tricking them into listening to your geeky voices for an hour

  • MacChickGenius

    @Tallest_Skil It’s Apple. They wouldn’t be legally forced to carry other *smart*phones.