Awesome Tip: Open A Beer With Your iPhone, iPad Or MacBook’s Power Brick


OMG. How am I just finding out about this?
OMG. How am I just finding out about this?

As a bunch of professional underpants bloggers, the editorial bullpen at Cult of Mac drinks a lot of beer. Seriously. When you’re taking your first sip of coffee in the morning and pouring your cornflakes, we’re already a six pack up on you, and by the time at the end of the day when the last words come trembling off our fingers, that’s about the same time the DTs are setting in. In fact, Cult of Mac’s San Francisco headquarters isn’t even a proper office, but rather a skunky, wobbling skyscraper made up entirely of our empties. You might have seen it towering on the horizon off of the local garbage dump.

The point is, basically, we’re all just sheets to the wind all the time, and can open a beer with anything. Pen. Knife. Our teeth. Another bottle. The curb. Anything. So why the heck didn’t we ever figure out you can use an iPhone, iPad or MacBook power brick to bust a beer open? How did OS X Daily of all people outscoop us?

Source: OS X Daily

  • William LH

    Obviously the folks over at OS X DAily they drink MORE than you guys…

  • joewaylo

    There’s also bottled soda that can be used with it.

    But wouldn’t this destroy the power brick in time? Or is it useless already?

  • Wackintosh

    the power brick is too expensive to do this with (as are teeth and the cost of getting them repaired) …plenty of other things around the office or house to pop open bottles the same way.

  • Lane Jasper

    FAIL….maybe once or twice to show off I GUESS….but once you snap off the connector you’re hosed. I’m going to stick with my FREE keyring promotion bottle opener from “company X” that I got at ANY trade show.

  • morrislevy

    I think Lifehacker totally stole your posts, guys.
    Pretty low of them — because this is GENIUS!

  • danvanwinkle

    I think Lifehacker totally stole your posts, guys.
    Pretty low of them — because this is GENIUS!

    Morris, Lifehacker sourced the twitter user. Cult of Mac sourced OS X Daily who also sourced the twitter user. Get your facts straight.

  • Demonstr8r

    I can open a beer bottle with any of the following: spoon, fork, butter knife, steak knife, nickel, quarter, half dollar, 10 penny nail, 9-volt battery, lacrosse stick, Rubik’s cube, skateboard, tree branch, rock, door knob, edge of counter top, unopened beer bottle, belt buckle, seat belt buckle, sunglasses and shoelace. Now I can add iPad power adapter to the list.

  • baby_Twitty

    My god….

  • ApplePr0n

    The sad thing is, is that someone had to do it before the idea came up haha


    Check out the video I made of this trick: